How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Android Phone?

Hi friends in this content i will tell How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Android Phone .
Yes you can download youtube video on your smartphone.
Here are some information about them.

Open your smartphone and follow these step. 

Step 1:-. Navigate to the settings menu on your Android phone.
Step 2:-. Select Security.
Step 3:-. Toggle "Unknown sources" to on if it is not already checked. This setting will make sure you can install apps that don't come from Google Play.
Step 4:-. Download YouTube Downloader from play store on your Android phone.
Step :-5. Tap the download notification for YouTube Downloader in your notification drawer.
Step 6:-. Tap Install. The program will take a few seconds to install.
You can browse videos and download them either through the YouTube app or by using the YouTube Downloader's search feature. We prefer using YouTube's own app.

Note: Downloading videos may violate YouTube's terms of service.

 "Easy and simple step."
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