How to stream Pc videos on phone.

Hi friends in this blog i will tell how to stream pc videos , document , songs and many thing on your phone.So you can easily stream video of your pc in phone without any problem.
Why we need this?
Ans is obviously when our phone storage is low and we want to watch video from taking other source
so in this problem yo can watch this video through your pc easily.
                            Here some simple tips.

Step  1:-Open play store in your smart phone & search Es File Manager.
Step  2:-Install it. And now change the setting in pc , i will tell you about setting in next step.
Step  :-Open pc and go to your video place in which place you have and click right on video and go                 to  share option & chose everyone .
Step  :-Open Command  now obtain ip address  from command (write ipconfig in command and you             get ip address).
Step  :-Open Es File Manager in your phone and tap on lan and then scan network find which                          network match with your ip address then click on it and now you are able to stream pc                          content on your smartphone , enjoy it.

Simple and easy step.
enjoy your life and share this information to all  you know.

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