Turn your phone into a keyboard and mouse.

Why we need phone as a keyboard?
 like we have a wireless keyboard & mouse and it's battery is low so we can convert our phone into keyboard.And there is so many such condition are there.And you also convert your phone into remote.

So here is the solution for that.I will tell you in some simple step.

Step 1:-open the play store .
Srep 2;-Search Unified Remote  and tap on this, if your phone is not support this so don't worry we another option universal  galaxy. 

Step 3;-install this , it is only 5 MB app.
Step 4;-open it. And it say open Unifiedremote.com on pc and install the server.
Step 5;-After installtion in pc and phone will automatically search the your computer.
Step 6;-And know your able to control phone as mouse/keyborad.
Simple and easy step.
enjoy your life and share this information to all  you know.

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