Hello , Everybody . Today we have come with our new article for window operating users . they may often get an error code 43 “WINDOWS HAS STOPPED THIS DEVICE BECAUSE IT HAS REPORTED PROBLEMS” . Many windows operating users face this error whenever windows are unable to recognize any hardware device like USB port to the hard drive, video card or any other hardware device connected to your PC, it reports an error code 43. In this article, we will explain you briefly about this error and also explain you some beneficial and easy methods to fix error code 43.

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Friends, there are mainly three reasons for occurring Error code 43 and these are :-

1) Whenever any device driver is corrupted or missing then Error code 43 message pop-up on your PC's screen. Or it will also occur when a certain device driver is incompatible with your operating system. In such a case, you will need to upgrade your device driver to fix error code 43.

2) Your device drivers can get  damaged as the time progresses that's why to show message “WINDOWS HAS STOPPED THIS DEVICE BECAUSE IT HAS REPORTED PROBLEMS” Error 43

3) There are huge chances to get this Error code 43 when you install or uninstall some programs, upgrade your windows system or when you PC gets infected with spyware or a virus.

How to fix Error 43 : Best and Easy Methods
There are two methods to fix this error code 43 . Follow these methods to Fix error code 43
1) Reboot your PC :
Error code 43 is a temporary error caused when your windows do not recognize any hardware , it may get automatically fix after rebooting your system. So , before apply any complex method try this easy method to fix this error code 43. If it works , then it's good for you otherwise proceed other methods .

2) Update your Drivers : 

You have to update your outdated device drivers . Keep the device drivers updated or latest. So guys this method is Lil bit technical . Go through the following steps to update your device drivers manually :

1) Go to START and then RUN.
2) Open sysdm.cpl and click OK.

3) Here you will see some tabs above . At second no. from the left you will see HARDWARE tab and click this tab , as shown in the pic. below.
4) After clicking on this tab , click on DEVICE MANAGER

5) Here you will get the list of all device drivers installed on your PC.

6) Choose the driver that is causing error 43 , among these devices .

7) Now uninstall this device driver .

8) After uninstalling that driver go to your respective manufacture's website i.e. HP users need to visit HP web site , Dell users  need to visit Dell website and so on.

9) Detect the latest driver for your device , then download and install this driver.

10) After successfully installing your device driver reboot your system ,

you are not getting this error code 43 message after rebooting your system.

So, friends , this is all about this Error code 43 “WINDOWS HAS STOPPED THIS DEVICE BECAUSE IT HAS REPORTED PROBLEMS” . Follow these best methods to get rid yourself from this  device manager error 43 . Hope you will understand all this information about this error . If you have any doubts about this error then please contact us by posting your comment below this article and also give your reviews about this article . Stay tuned with us to get more pieces of information about the errors with their fix.

VLC does not support Audio or Video format "UNDF" : Perfect Fix

Hello, Everyone . We hope that anyone reading this article to fix the error "VLC does not support audio or video format" while trying to play videos on VLC player and unfortunately there is no way to fix this error. In this article today we are discussing with you how you can fix this error in your PC by applying some simple steps. So, guys lets come to the topic.

What is UNDF file format ?
The UNDF file format is "undefined file format". It means that the player is incapable of defining this type of file format . Now you have Questioned in your mind that Why it is "Undefined File Format" ? and the answer to this question is so simple because these types of files are not completely downloaded that's why they are undefined files. In general, it is being noticed in VlC player when we're trying to access the file which is not completely downloaded in your PC.

Why VLC does not support "UNDF" format
In above we discussed "What is UNDF Format ?". Now I will explain to you why the error VLC does not support the audio or video format "undf" is bling on your  PC while trying to play videos on VLC player.  For this error, there could be two reasons :

1) The file that you're trying to play in VLC player is not completely downloaded and this is the main reason for this type of error in your PC.

2) And the another reason for this error is the absence of applicable codes that are compulsory to play concerned file.

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How to Fix the error VLC does not support "UNDF" format
First of all, I want to tell that there is no error for us which we couldn't fix , we have the solution to fix all the errors that come on your PC or Mobile. Now I'm discussing the error that comes on your VLC player while you are trying to run an undefined file. So I will explain to you How to Fix the error VLC does not support "UNDF" format .

There could be two reasons for this error and we have three methods to fix this error.

1) BEST METHOD - Download CCCP software (Combined Comunity Codec Pack) . We recommend downloading CCCP software because this software provides the essential codes for your that help to run Audio and Video of any media file.


2) Next method is the re-downloading or getting a clear copy of the concerned file if your file is partially or incompletely downloaded.

3) The last solution for this is, Check the version of your VLC player and if it's not updated version then update it or download the latest version.

So, friends , these are the best methods to explain the fix of error VLC does not support Audio or Video format "UNDF" . Hope readers will get all information that they want to know about "UNDF" format error .  Stay updated with our blog error fixer for PC and Mobile In our upcoming article, we discuss to fix the other error that irritates you. If you have some doubt/suggestion on short film, Then you are free to ask it in the comment section below we will be glad to hear it from you!.

How to download youtube video in your phone...

Hi friends in this content i will tell you about how to download youtube videos.
Yes you can download youtube video without any problem.
There are some simple step to download youtube video.
Lets start:-

1:-First go to google and search save from        net and download this app from that site.

2:-and then go to youtube and open that video you want to download and copy its url.

3:-then paste that url in save from net app and download that video easliy.

These are the simple step to download youtube video in your phone . If you like this content hit like botton and share it .