Apple iPhone 8.

Apple smartphones  we all really expect something more unique and high-end from upcoming iPhone series. It looks that in the 2017 the wait will be over for this upcoming iPhone.The device will be first available in (USA) America.The iPhone 8 of Apple will be the best ever created in human history.

The next sensation in the market is said to be the  Apple iPhone 8.
The disappointing factor here in iPhone 7 series which we could noticed is its design, in first impression we are sure that you gonna deny that it’s not an new iPhone 7 it feels like 6s, because the design was a factor where they didn’t focused much.
The iPhone 8 from Apple will be more monstrous too in terms of performance. 

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications:

  • Edge to edge display ( Described Below)
  • OLED Display
  • Faster A12 Processor (As A11 is coming in iPhone 7s )
  • Glass Body
  • No Physical Home Button
  • Wireless Charging
  • 4K Display                                                 

Rumors suggest that brand may come up with the Radical Re-Design in the shape of edge to edge display. It means, there will be NO  bottom.The display will be Home to Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor and a Selfie Shooter.

  • The iPhone 7 will be packed with iOS 11
  • Upgraded Apple A11 chipset processor
  • Waterproof Technology
  • Reversible USB charger
  • No headphone jack this time
  • Slimmer iPhone ever created
  • Iphone 8s will start from – Rs. 81454.72 in India and USD $937





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