IDM Fake Serial Key Pop-Up Message : Best Fix

IDM Fake Serial Key Pop-Up Message : Best Fix

Hello , friends. Today we are going to discuss Internet Download Manager Fake serial Key Pop-Up Message. This message is the world's famous and most annoying error pop-up message come on your PC 's screen when you're going to download from IDM . Reader, you are at right place to get rid of this error.It is world's famous and most annoying error because nowadays most of the people using IDM for downloading purpose because it increases the downloading speed of any file 5 times more than it's natural. So let's start to fix this error.

If you were using Internet Download Manager make sure it was a fully cracked version, because some sites provide you the best-cracked version for IDM . But friends many time this cracked version is not working well and downloaded files with errors.And after some time this cracked versions also show this pop-up message that"Internet Download Manager has been registered with Fake Serial Number and Serial Number has been blocked".So we recommend you purchase the fully-featured products. We will teach you the pro way to get purge from this error or pop-up message. There are many methods to fix this error and many sites provide you different or complex methods, but we teach you world's best fixing methods and trying to explain you each and every step in the simple or easy way .

NOTE VLC does not support Audio or Video format "UNDF" : Perfect Fix 

1) By Twisting of IDM file 

This method is named as Twisting of IDM files because in this method we can do copying, renaming or
deleting of few files. Check out How you can do this 
Go to the program files and navigate the IDM files or in simple words, we can try to explain you that go to the program files  (where you can install IDM) and browse the IDM files. For eg. C:\Program files\Internet Download Manager
Choose file IDMGrHlp.exe, now delete this file.

  • Now choose idmBroker.exe file, copy this file to the same folder and it appears with name idmBroker-copy.exe 
  • Rename idmBroker-copy.exe file to IDMGrHlp.exe

2) Modify the Host Files

In this method, we going to teach who you can fix error Internet Download Manager Serial Key Pop-Up message by modifying or editing the host files.

  • Navigate to folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\. (this folder contains 5 files )

  • Right Click on HOST file and open with Notepad
  • After opening this file with Notepad, now just copy the below codes and paste them in the last line in 'hosts'.
  •            tonec.com           www.tonec.com           registeridm.com           www.registeridm.com           secure.registeridm.com           internetdownloadmanager.com           www.internetdownloadmanager.com           secure.internetdownloadmanager.com           mirror.internetdownloadmanager.com           mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com           mirror3.internetdownloadmanager.com

  •  And save this file (don't forget this step).

Your Copied codes look like this on Notepad

3) By Uninstalling IDM and Deleting Registry Files

  • First of all, uninstall the Internet Download Manager completely from your PC , and clean all registry files with the help of any cleaner.
  • Restart your PC and reinstall the IDM (fully cracked version). Never worry about the registration.

Note : Don't update the IDM 

So, buddies, these are few and best method to fix the problem of IDM Fake Serial Key Pop-up Messages.Hope you guys are satisfied with all these methods that we're teaching or explaining you . Soon we are coming with our new article on our blog Error Fixer For PC and Mobile , so visit our blog daily to know more about errors and their fixes. And Readers, don't forget to comment below if you have any query about this article.

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