How to check imei number (iphone imei)


IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit serial variety given to every mobile cellphone that can then be used to check information which include the cellphone's united states of beginning, the producer and it is model range.

It is usually observed published in the battery compartment of the telephone, but also can be displayed on-display on most phones with the aid of entering *#06# at the dialpad, or alongside other system statistics within the settings menu on cellphone running structures.

There are alternate methods to locate the IMEI number, as indexed underneath:

First method :-

● Step 1: faucet on the cellphone app.


● Step 2: inside the Dial display screen, enter *#06#

check imei by dailing 

● Step three: The screen displayed will display you the IMEI variety of your contemporary tool in addition to the Serial variety (S/N). (The displayed screen may additionally appearance distinct in step with the Android OS version your tool is strolling).

display imei number

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Second method :-

For Sealed phones (non-removable cover or battery)
● Step 1: flip your telephone over.

imei no. for non-removable

● Step 2: The version Code, Serial wide variety and IMEI are printed behind the device.

The third method is :-

follow the stairs below to get the IMEI from the mobile menu Settings options

● Step 1: On the house screen, faucet Apps. 


● Step 2: tap Settings. 

setting to check imei

● Step three: go to wellknown tab. under this tab, scroll down and tap on approximately device. 

about device

● Step four: faucet on fame. 


● Step 5: Scroll down and you may find the IMEI variety of the telephone.

imei display

Fourth method is :-

For telephones with a removable cowl or Battery

● Step 1: put off the again cowl and battery.

● Step 2: The version Code, Serial quantity and IMEI are printed on the below portion of the device, as shown.

imei no. for removable phone

How to check imei iphone :-

 iPhone has a completely unique identifier code, called an IMEI number. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit serial variety given to every iphone.The IMEI variety is used by your mobile telephone company to suit the smartphone to the networks, so it may determine out who is making calls. it is also used to hold a blacklist of stolen cell telephones. in the uk a database is publicly maintained with the aid of a charity so stolen phones can not be moved from one network to another.

If you're unlocking your iPhone you could need to recognise the IMEI - but it have become slightly greater tough with the release of the iPhone 6s: Apple stopped printing the IMEI at the lower back of the phone. nonetheless, there are numerous distinct methods to find the IMEI of an iPhone, and in this article we show the 6 only and most beneficial approaches of locating your iPhone's IMEI. you'll handiest want one, of route, so select the technique it really is easiest for you.

How to find your iPhone's IMEI:

First method is :-

You can retrieve the iPhone's IMEI range through dialing the code *#06# into the phone app. comply with those steps to get your iPhone's IMEI variety.

Step 1 :-  Open Phone app.

to check iphone imei

Step 2 :- click/tap keypad.

The IMEI code will appear on the display screen. Dialling a code is the maximum commonly described approach of locating the IMEI wide variety, however we do not suppose it's the first-class because you cannot reproduction the number. in place of being able to reproduction and paste the code you need to write it down and it's lengthy enough of 15 digits - for this to be disturbing.

Second method :-

The IMEI quantity is usually written on the opposite of your iPhone. turn the iPhone over and search for a long range on the cease of the textual content the bit starting with "Designed by using Apple in California" and labelled IMEI.

● Step 1: flip your iphone over.

imei iphone

● Step 2: The version Code, Serial wide variety and IMEI are printed behind the device.

The third method is :-

The IMEI range is also placed in the iPhone's Settings app. the usage of Settings is the quality choice because it allows you to copy and paste the quantity.

   Step 1: On the house screen, faucet Apps. 

   Step 2: tap Settings. 

   Step 3 :  Tap General and then About.

about phone


   Step  4  :   Scroll down to locate the IMEI number.

 iphone imei no. display 

   Step  5  :  Tap and hold the IMEI number to  Copy.

iphone imei

   Step  6  :  Tap Copy and paste where you want.

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